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Dallas Green Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Dallas Green Fans

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heyyyy [21 Sep 2008|04:41pm]

Does anybody like write stories about him cause that
would make this fan site a lot better


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[21 Jun 2008|12:05am]
been lurking for a while, but i thought it was time to post something :)

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dallas green // city and colour icons. [25 Apr 2008|12:07am]


find the rest here at peaceanddove
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[21 Aug 2007|03:32pm]

I haven't had time to search...is he coming to NY state anytime soon?  Anyone know?  Thanks.
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2 Toronto shows [19 Jul 2007|10:46am]


City and Colour

The Danforth Music Hall Theatre, Toronto, ON
Tue, Sep 11, 2007 08:00 PM

City and Colour

The Danforth Music Hall Theatre, Toronto, ON
Wed, Sep 12, 2007 08:00 PM

If anyone is looking for 2 tickets for the Wednesday show I have 2 FLR1 row X. Let me know =)
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fan fiction anyone? [03 Feb 2007|09:23pm]
This community is almost dead, is it not?

someone LOOK ALIVE.

well anyways I should cut to the chase, Ive had a dallas green fan fiction that I wrote a while ago, its not quite finished but when it is Ill be sure to post a link for anyone that's interested in reading it.

tell me what you think
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Winnipeg [08 Jan 2007|11:32pm]

I just got back from the show Dallas Green put on at Burton Cummings. It was great, I'll post the pictures later.
If you were there.. what was with the girl making whale noises?
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Guitar Tab [04 Jan 2007|12:50pm]

The cover of "love don't live here anymore" I'm looking for the guitar tab for it. NOT A POWER TAB. I need a real tab, I cannot read music for the life of me.
Does anyone have it? Thanks!
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photos from alexisonfire in winnipeg [28 Dec 2006|08:12am]

from back in september. (:
that was sure a fun concert, no doubt.

the pictures arn't great, because i was trying to take them from within the mosh pit, and i could hardly even see the stage
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
<lj-cut text=
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and just to make it seem longer, i drew a picture trying to decide what to wear so it wouldn't get trashed in the mosh pit.
and the shirt i wore is pretty badly ripped up now. (:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i seriously don't know how to use a lj cut thing.
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[06 Nov 2006|11:29pm]
i saw Alexisonfire with .Moneen. & The Cancer Bats on November 1st....amazing.
here are some pictures from the show....a lot of dallas green since i was sitting right in front of him taking pictures.
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[26 Aug 2006|06:57pm]

Does anyone have guitar tabs for "Save Your Scissors"?
Or tabs for any other Dallas Green songs I guess...
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Pictures. [14 Aug 2006|02:08pm]

Hey Guys.

Here are some pics from Warped Tour in Barrie... From this Saturday, Aug 12th.


Pictures From Scenefest.


City & Colour

Black Lungs

Dallas Skateboarding

FYI... At Warped Alexis had new merch... A hoodie, 2 girls shirts, 2 different Basketball shirts with the skull on it, new pins, 3-5 new tshirts, a alexisonfire skateboard. Much more but I can't remember.
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[11 Jul 2006|07:13pm]
DG GOSSIPCollapse )
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[20 Jun 2006|01:17am]

SO WHAT ABOUT THAT MMVA  (Favourite Canadian Artist) HM?! Pretty magnificent. Thoughts?

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[31 May 2006|09:55pm]
You guys ask; you guys shall recieveCollapse )
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[22 May 2006|08:14pm]
I'm noticing a lack of member action, so I've decided to post. :)

I live in North Carolina but I grew up in the Toronto area and heard of Dallas Green through Alexisonfire (plus he was always number one when people asked me my favorite AOF member). I had heard his vocal skills on thier debut and I was in love. I became infatuated with his work. I drove to Canada for Edgefest '04 and met Dallas. I was so excited that in the picture, I look like someone put piano keys over my teeth I was smiling that hard. He was very nice and friendly and complimented my shirt. I bought his records and listen to them religiously.

I would scan the picture, but it is wayyyyyyy too embarassing.

What are your encounters with our favorite crooner?
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cross posted [14 Apr 2006|01:19pm]


my videos of dallas green from the show in moncton on april 8th :] i'm still waiting for my boyfriend to send me save your scissors and hello, i'm in delaware
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gah !!! [04 Apr 2006|05:05pm]
so i met dallas green last night
it was so nice
he was so nice
he is so amazing live

Collapse )
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[18 Feb 2006|03:31pm]
So I'm new to this community
I'm happy to be apart of it
I just got City and Colour tickets yesterday
the show is sold out already
So happy to be going
I hope to meet Dallas ♥
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[16 Feb 2006|08:01pm]

I recieved my Dallas tickets in the mail yesterday after buying them online during punkottawa.com's pre-sale. I would put up a picture of myself holding the tickets excitedly, but I unfortunately have no idea how. Anyway, this is just to say that I am PUMPED for April 17th when he comes to Ottawa! Paraphanalia here I come.
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